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The new campus - functional, imposing, robust and sustainable

The new hall or aula provides a central space and a route through the different parts of the building. To compensate for the different street levels of the buildings, the hall will be terraced, with seat-steps and ramps, which can also be used as functional “furniture” for informal discussions, for working or for relaxing.  

Robust materials such as terrazzo for the floors and exposed concrete for the supporting structure will be counterbalanced by warm wood for the ceiling strips and on the floor of the lounge areas, combined with the colourful, textile surfaces of the seating.

And outside, two significant and imposing changes will be made to the appearance of the new campus: two main entrances will be provided on Spitalgasse and Rummelhardtgasse. The ground floor areas will be largely glazed and decorated with delicate glass fibre concrete strips. The facades of the upper floors will be made from prefabricated, light-coloured glass fibre concrete panels with fine, lamellar relief. Large windows will allow abundant daylight into the interior. Double glazing units with intermediate UV protection will help to combat the risk of overheating. 

In order to ensure that the new MedUni Campus is sustainable to use, hot water will be provided by heating pumps and geothermal heat, rainwater will be used for watering the outdoor areas and there will be an option for installing solar panels on the roofs. The new campus will also be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply unit.